October 13th, 2013

da - alistair

Last Giveaway Fic: "In Memoriam"

Title: In Memoriam
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: T
Wordcount: ~4000
Characters: Moira Cousland, Alistair, Fergus Cousland
Spoilers: Yes, particularly for the Cousland Origin
Notes: The last of three fics for my Tumblr giveaway (which was *cough* months ago), this is for [tumblr.com profile] kinlochhold and features her Cousland Warden, Moira. The prompt was "Alistair/Cousland, unwanted memories". Many thanks to KH for allowing me to pick her brain extensively regarding Moira, and also to [personal profile] phdfan for a quick and helpful beta read!

Also posted on AO3

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