November 19th, 2013

golden gate bridge

The Best Laid Plans

Today is the first real rain of the season -- we've had some drizzles and sprinkles here and there, but this is the first day that it's just outright rained, from sometime last night right through until now. Unfortunately, first rain means slow traffic and accidents and transportation snafus, not to mention discovering that my windshield wipers are truly shot, with a resulting detour to the auto parts store, so all my brilliant plans to spend the day out and writing (working on meta projects and fic, catching up on online reading where I've fallen behind) were pretty much shot.

Instead, I'm snatching a few minutes at a cafe not far from the rehearsal hall -- my call is in just over an hour -- with a Cafe Borgia (picture a mocha with orange) and the Internet and the Soundtrack from Braid. Maybe I'll get a little writing in, maybe I'll have to do it when I get home, but at least these next few minutes will be mine.

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