November 30th, 2013

golden gate bridge

Quiet Day

Today, we went to the beach. Just for an hour, just for a walk, but it was quite nice -- even if it did get completely socked in by fog by the time we left.

I also had grand plans to have some fic to post today, but alas, I didn't get it together quite in time. Tomorrow, I hope.

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FFX-2 Fic: OTP Songfic Shuffle

Awhile ago on Tumblr, a fic meme went around about writing shortfics based on randomly-chosen songs. I wrote one series for Sereda Aeducan/Alistair (also on AO3), and enjoyed it so much that I bookmarked the idea for other couples.

Accordingly, here's a Paine/Nooj version. This is on AO3 as well.

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November update; December goals

Days written: 29/30
Words written: 21,793
Words of fic written: 14,441
Stories worked on: Eight plus ficbits
Stories posted: Two, and the ficbits

Chart behind the cut!

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Specific goals:

1. Write every day. Just missed one, but I was working on a several thousand word meta project instead, so I decided that could count. If I do wrisomifu again, I will include significant meta and/or journal posts toward this goal.

2. Post to my journal every day. Yes, although it was a struggle some days. As anyone who read my entries every day can attest! I am seriously considering whether I should continue the tradition of daily November posting in future years -- especially when I don't have some sort of major project as inspiration.

3. Finish and post the postage stamp fic. Success! This goal was kind of a gimme, though, since the story was almost completely drafted in October.

4. Work on Wardens of Ivalice. Actual progress, in fact; this is the single project I spent the most days on this month. Typing up my long-planned meta post was a big help, not just for the discussions I had with people, but to put me in the headspace to work on it. I have enough other projects in line ahead of it now that I won't get it finished this year, but I feel better about my progress than I have in awhile.

So, goals for December. I have three deadlines this month, and with some dedication and application, I think I can make them all. One thing that will help: some WriSo alums have set up a new community, You Should Be Writing (ushobwri), with weekly check-ins and other motivating goodies. Check it out if you're interested, especially if you were interested in the WriSo concept but weren't up for committing to writing every day.

1. Write every day through 12/24 (when we leave for a week with T's family -- if I can have downtime for writing during the visit, fine, but I'm not going to knock myself out over it).

2. Finish and post stories for [community profile] areyougame (due 12/15), the [ profile] mediavengers mini-bang (due 12/20), and the [ profile] dragonageholidaycheer holiday exchange (due 12/23 for me). I have something reasonable started for all of these projects, so it shouldn't be as much work as it looks.

3. If time permits, continue work on "Wardens of Ivalice".

Considering that #2 is actually three goals and the holiday season is well upon us, I think that can be enough.

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