January 15th, 2014

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Adventure Time: January Blogging Meme

Today's question, from iamleaper: "If you yourself had to go on an epic fantasy video game-style adventure and you could pick 7 fictional video game people as your companions, who would you choose and why?"

Although this list includes many of my favorites, I also thought quite a bit about creating a balanced party that could deal with many different types of situations, and also about who might work well together.

1. Chell, from the Portal series. For her competence and quiet strength. Plus, I don't care what kind of adventure I'm going on, a portal gun is almost certain to come in handy.

2. Paine, from Final Fantasy X-2. For her sword, and more quiet strength, and her total loyalty. If she has some dresspheres, even better: flexibility is good.

3. Alistair, from Dragon Age: Origins, because, well, do I even really need to justify it? ;) No, okay, but he's also a really fantastic tank, which I need because I am squishy.

4. Is it cheating to say Commander Shepard? Because talk about competence. Also, my Shep is an Infiltrator (distance shooting plus tech use), and I need a good ranged type. If it is cheating, then I'll bring Garrus instead -- his skill set is quite similar, and he's just about as good.

5. Ashe, from FFXII. I typically spec her as a paladin-type -- white magic and a sword -- and we could use a healer here for sure. There might be some issues of who takes charge between her and Shepard, but I suspect once they work them out, they could make a fearsome team.

6. Vivi, from FFIX, because this team needs an offensive mage, and how much fun would it be to travel with Vivi? He's powerful, adorable, and very sweet.

7. Varric, from Dragon Age 2. Because someone needs to write up the epic tale of our adventure when we get back, and who better? Also, I need a rogue type, and he's one of the best.

So, that's my list, as chosen today anyway. ;) Who would you all pick?

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