January 20th, 2014

book - pile

Of possible interest

After a couple of years of not doing it, when I felt like I really ought to do it, I have finally, this year, bought a supporting membership to WorldCon so that I can nominate and vote for the Hugo Awards.

I'm pretty excited! But also, I have an awful lot of reading to do between now and when nominations close. I think I might have read a grand total of three books that were published in 2013. And no short fiction at all, and I'm not even close to informed enough about related works, fanwriters, and art. So, time to get cracking. ;) Fortunately, the task is made much easier by this spreadsheet, and I also plan to peruse John Scalzi's post on the subject. I expect I'll talk about this process more as I go through it; watch this space for reviews and recommendations!

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