March 1st, 2014

art - gorey neville

February update; March goals

Days written: 22/28
Words written: 9,050
Words of fic written: 7,382
Stories worked on: Six kiss battle fics and two others
Stories posted: Seven

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Specific goals:

1. Write an average of five days per week. A little better than.

2. Run the Dragon Age Kiss Battle and participate in the Final Fantasy Kiss Battle. Wrote three stories for each, and helped shepherd each through the month. I'll have more to say about those in a separate entry.

3. Write at least one [community profile] trope_bingo fic. No luck. After the first one, I am finding myself supremely uninspired by the rest of the row. I wrote a Porn Battle prompt for Femslash February instead (which reminds me that I still need to crosspost that here).

4. Make substantial progress on DABB, including that pesky "coming up with a plot" thing. I do have a plot now, but it would be charitable to call my progress "substantial". And I'm worried, especially given that the rough draft is due while I'm in Dubai, which means I need to finish the draft before I leave, and the only weekend remaining between now and then is FogCon. Fortunately (for the sake of this project at least), my last day at the law firm is Monday, so that gives me a little breathing room, but only a little.

I think everyone can guess what my main goal for March will be.

1. Write six days per week, except while on vacation.

2. Finish rough draft of DABB by Friday, March 14th.

3. Make another run at the [community profile] trope_bingo card.

With a week out of the country, and many other things else going on, I think three goals is plenty, don't you? ;)

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