May 5th, 2014

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DA Fic: "Orders"

Title: Orders
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: Teen (for violence)
Wordcount: 12,622
Characters: Bethany Hawke, Carver Hawke, Alim Surana, Nathaniel Howe, Sigrun, Oghren, Velanna, Janeka, Stroud. Hints of Bethany/Nathaniel
Spoilers: For Awakening and the DA2 Legacy DLC
Notes: My entry for the 2014 Dragon Age Big Bang. Illustrated by [ profile] veusovon. The artwork is embedded in the story and posted to the artist's Tumblr.

Thanks to my artist, to my beta [ profile] spiritofemby, to my fantastic co-mods [personal profile] seimaisin and cherith, and to everyone here who helped me figure out what story I wanted to tell. :) I literally could not have done this without you.

Summary: When a Deep Roads misadventure forces Bethany Hawke to join the Grey Wardens, her brother Carver chooses to go with her. But instead of a safe haven, the twins find trouble in the Wardens: commanders who want to separate them, a mysterious woman who takes a strange interest in them, and a series of ambushes by the Carta.

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