September 2nd, 2014

B5 - londo oh dear

August update; September goals

Days written: 19/31
Words written: 5,818
Words of fic written: 4,446
Stories worked on: Five
Stories posted: One

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I spent the last weekend of the month sick in bed with food poisoning, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about August. But we'll go over the specific goals anyway.

1. Write six days a week, except maybe while traveling. Nope, and hardly at all while I was on my trip.

2. Work on Tumblr giveaway fic. I made a few false starts on this. Well, the starts are fine, it's what comes next that I'm having trouble with.

3. Finish and post at least two WIP (one MCU story that's almost finished, check on other IP stuff). The MCU story (Steve/Peggy, post-Cap 2) was finished and posted. And then I actually worked a little bit on Wardens of Ivalice -- not anything like coming close to finishing, of course, but more actually progress than I've made in ages. The secret to writing WoI is apparently having other stories that I feel like I ought to be working on instead.

4. Write [community profile] ladybusiness guest post (for a super sekrit project!). First draft done, posting date postponed, I really need to finish it though.

5. Start on Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang story (due mid-September). Another one with several false starts. I keep changing my mind on what direction I want to take it.

I'm a little leery of setting down goals for September because I've been missing so badly lately. Maybe it's time to scale back a little.

1. Write five days a week.

2. Finish DARBB story and [community profile] ladybusiness post (both due in September).

3. Settle on a direction for Tumblr giveaway story and stick with it, finish at least a draft.

4. Write something for the Chocobo Races.

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