November 15th, 2014

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Talking Through December

I did this meme in January and really liked it. It looks like folks are doing it in December this year, and that sounds good to me.

The Meme:

Pick a topic, and on some day in December I will post something about that topic. It can be fandom-related or not. Pretty much anything you've ever seen me post about unlocked, or comment on in other venues, is fair game. If a topic is uncomfortable for me (too personal or potentially identifying) or simply something I know very little about (unfamiliar canon, say), I may ask you to make a second choice. If you want to request more than one topic (say, up to three), feel free, but if I get more than 25 or so requests I may pick and choose between them.

The List:

  • Photo essay with cats, requested by [personal profile] renay

  • Final Fantasy thoughts, particularly on IV, VII, IX, and XII (will probably be broken over a couple of posts), requested by [personal profile] sathari

  • "Favorite quests in Dragon Age Origins & II, why they struck you or stayed with you, and (of course) what choices your Wardens and Hawkes made," requested by [personal profile] ossobuco

  • Favorite fanfics, by myself and by others, requested by [personal profile] halberdier

  • My typical writing process (or "writing" process, depending), requested by [personal profile] wallwalker

  • Character types I like to write, requested by [personal profile] yohjideranged

  • Favorite foods to cook and favorite foods to go out and eat, requested by [personal profile] lassarina

  • Books and movies I'm most looking forward to in 2015, requested by [personal profile] umadoshi

  • Yours?

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