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Bookstore orgy

Actually, I feel I was rather restrained. My favorite used bookstore was having its semi-annual 25%-off sale, and I walked out with only $60 worth of books. And two of them were also for T (A Cook's Tour and The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain -- T read Kitchen Confidential and enjoyed it immensely, so picking those up was a no-brainer), and one was for the library. So really I could have done so much more damage to my pocketbook, and to my lack of bookshelf space.

One of the books I got for myself was We Do, a collection of photographs from the brief, shining moment during which same-sex marriages were legal in San Francisco. I've flipped through this book before, and I can't remember another collection of images that does such a good job of capturing pure joy. I still get chills when I remember that weekend, driving past City Hall and seeing the line that stretched around the block. That really happened. It was real; I saw it. And no state's passing any proposition can ever take that piece of history away.
Tags: books, civil rights, current events

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