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lump day

Actually, there was some productivity. I did my shoulder excerises (well, one round anyway, still have to do the evening and night sets), T did laundry, and we finally hung the Christo print.

But mostly, we've been playing FFXII. I won't get into any real discussion, except to say: Quickenings. I vote yes. Also, T is downstairs leveling like mad as we speak. (Well, actually he's on the prowl for money. Every time we play a game like this, I am reminded of how much a capitalist he can be...)

The cats have become thoroughly engrossed with my physical therapy. The therabands are a source of endless fascination. They watch, rapt, as I go through my stretches, and then try to bat or bite at them. Sort of cute, sort of annoying. One older theraband actually broke because they were pulling on it. Tori ran off with a little tiny piece and ate it before I could stop her. Still trying to decide how worried to be about that. She seems fine, but I have a tendency to be paranoid about stuff like that. Best I can do is keep an eye on her, I suppose.
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