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Pleasantly stuffed

luvmoose has been in town for work this week. Yesterday she came up here for Veronica Mars and a stress-induced ice cream orgy (Ben & Jerry's Fossil Fuel is interesting, although I'm not completely certain I'm on board with crisped rice in ice cream). Tonight I went down to her for dinner at a fondue restaurant. There is something so satisfyingly decedant about a fondue dinner. Bread and apples dipped in cheese, followed by tasty fruits and sweets dipped in chocolate, with a salad course between. Good stuff. And of course we talked lots, which was even better. Three thousand miles is far away for your best friend to live.

Productive conversations at work today. I feel better about things there than I have in awhile.

By the way, to ask a totally random question, does anyone here read Albanian? Or know someone who does?
Tags: food, friends, warm fuzzies, work update
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