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I am back. Thanks to all who sent their best wishes and thoughts in whatever form. Both ceremonies were nice. The memorial service was well-attended; V was a pillar of her community, had lived there for over 30 years and was involved in many facets of life in the small town. Many kind and true things were said about her.

My aunt is holding up well enough; she was mostly upbeat throughout the day, kept herself moving forward. I pulled aside my cousin D (her son) at one point and asked how she was really doing, and he said as well as could be expected. I think the interment was probably the hardest for her, to see her mother laid to rest between her father and her sister. She's the last of her nuclear family, and they were a close-knit group.

I'm doing all right. It was good to spend time with family, even if not under the best circumstances. Thanksgiving is probably going to be pretty subdued, though. Maybe her not being there is what will finally drive home the fact that she's gone.
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