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Paine fic - "Inheritance"

Title: Inheritance
Fandom: FF X-2
Paring: Paine/Nooj
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Not really
Wordcount: 1104
Notes: Bunnied by a single line that popped into my head. If you saw my WIP list from the other day, you can probably guess which one! Written for 30_fantasies for the theme "Life." Set several years post-canon (so it does not directly relate to the AU story that was posted yesterday, although it was certainly inspired by it).

"Mom! Hey Mom!" The young boy came in the front door and launched himself across the room. Paine looked up from the book she had been reading and smiled, opening her arm and letting her four-year-old son nestle into her side. "Guess what, Mom? I shot a fiend!"

I have been in a ficcing mood lately. Maybe it was seeing the sheer number of works-in-progress I have going!
Tags: 30 paine, ffx-2, fic, p/n

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