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Another family Thanksgiving survived. It was nice, if a little sad without V. My aunt brought one of the last apple pies she made. Delicious, and a fitting tribute.

I did a things I am thankful for list last year, and really pretty much everything on there still stands, except that the job situation is better and my nephew is no longer really "new" and the kittens are now cats (but I'm still thankful for them). So rather than repeat myself, I shall refer you there. I do have one thing to add to that list: having a stable life. Maybe it's boring, but I like it that way.

Now it's off to pack for part two of my holiday weekend: four days in the Pacific Northwest for Moose Day and then a BNL roadtrip with shows in Portland and Seattle. Seeing lots of folks but especially luvmoose, who is meeting me in Seattle tomorrow morning. Flying out first thing, and I'll be back late on Monday (probably; the flight gets in at 5:30 but I have chorus and I'm going to at least attempt to make it there). "But what about NaBloWriMo?" you cry. Well, I figure phone posts count. Or maybe I can bribe my way onto someone's laptop. There will be a way.

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend (or just a lovely weekend, if you aren't in the US)!
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