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Temple of books

So the visit to Powell's was everything I had hoped for and everything a trip to a bookstore should be -- lots of wandering around corridors of bookshelves; the finding of things I was looking for ("Fluke" by Christopher Moore, "Anansi Boys" in paperback), unexpected treasures ("Brewer's Dictionary of Modern Phrase & Fable", which looks to be an incredible awesome reference book), and excellent bargains; getting help from actually knowledgable staff. The place is so large and so complex that there are maps everywhere. Including one that you can carry around with you, which I snagged as a souvenier. The catch, of course, is that now I have to get all these books home to San Francisco somehow...

After Powell's and lunch, we checked out the Portland Saturday Market, your standard street art festival. Jewelry, glassworks, cool handmade clothing, etc. I was tempted by many different things, but in the end I held back, leaving the books as my splurge.

Now we are safely registered in our hotel, our home base for the evening. luvmoose and I are hanging out with our traveling companions, letters_to_ed and C, trying to make the television bend to our will (we want to hook up an iPod so we can watch a movie, but the built-in entertainment system is not cooperating), resting our feet, noshing, and planning our next move.

Ah, luvmoose has just won her battle of wits with the TV. Off to watch BNL footage, or perhaps "High Fidelity". Wherever the evening takes us.

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