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I am back. Saturday's show was much fun, and the drive back to Seattle was much easier than the drive up. Then today we wandered around the city a bit, checked out the new Seattle Public Library, which is an amazing space. The photos are all on luvmoose's camera, so I'll post them when I can. Then we flew home, had dinner, and watched the most recent episode of Veronica Mars.

It was a most excellent weekend of travel, friends, tea, architecture, and music. In a way it feels like it's not quite over, since there's one more BNL show for me tomorrow, but I also have to work and have a normal day at the same time. So we'll see how that ends up.

I do intend to write up a complete report soon, once I have the pictures together. Of course, I've made those sorts of promises before...

As always, I am happy to have traveled and glad to be home.
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