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If you can't beat 'em...

Some of you may have heard about the Dove Foundation (no relationship to the soap), a "family friendly" entertainment crusading group. Their robot dialers call you and try to entice you into taking a "survey" about the "evils of Hollywood" and so on. Apparently they get around the No Call List by claiming to be a charity, although they don't meet the Better Business Bureau's standards. The Missouri Attorney General is suing the organization, but in the meantime there's no way you can stop them from calling.

On their website, they claim that over 94% of the people who respond to the survey agree with the assertion that the quality of movies and television is dropping. But people report that they also hang up on anyone who starts to disagree with them. Talk about skewing the sample. But two can play that game. There's also a link to the survey on their website.


What do you think? Shall we flood them with responses from godless liberals?
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