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Business clothes are not cheap.

In honor of my spiffy new job (I start in two weeks!), S and I spent yesterday trawling the outlets in Gilroy. I picked up a pair of shoes (brown sandals, a wardrobe staple I have not owned in years), three pairs of pants, a red-striped shirt, a sweater set, and a brown and green suit. This last is something I would never have picked up on my own in a million years, but it caught S's eye and she thought I needed to try it -- the colors would be all wrong, we thought, but she wanted to see if the shape was flattering. Well, the shape was flattering all right, but to our surprise the colors were, too. "You have to buy this," she said, and I agreed.

The credit card company will probably end up with the bulk of my first check, but I think it's worth it. I worked in a casual environment (jeans almost every day) for almost 5 years and then didn't work for over a year, so my stock of business casual clothes is small and out of date. It'll be good to have new and fairly fashionable clothes to start with. The idea of working again is scary enough; at least I'll look the part.
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