KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

"Everybody needs a holiday"

Having a nice visit to San Diego. Except for some unsettledness on Friday, it's been sunny and beautiful. Yesterday was family fun, which was enjoyable -- good wine, good company, good gossip. But it's also throwing me off, because now I feel like I've already had Christmas and I keep forgetting that, on the calendar, it hasn't actually happened yet. Today T and I went to SeaWorld with his sister. It was fun, and T got lots of awesome photographs, which I will share when I get back. Then we got home, had dinner, and listened to the XM vocal classical station, featuring an early music concert by an all-male group called the Suspicious Cheese Lords. I think I need to track down their albums, in part because they sang so beautifully but also because they're called the Suspicious Cheese Lords, and how am I supposed to resist that?

We're coming home tomorrow night (Christmas Day is the very best day to travel if you want to avoid crowds). I'll catch up with you all then. In the meantime, have a most excellent Monday.
Tags: celebrations, family, music, travel

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