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Massive San Diego picture post

So we are back from San Diego. Stories to come, but for now I thought I would just spam you with animal pics.

SeaWorld: River otters on a walk.

This was one of the first things we saw and, by itself, practically worth the cost of admission.

From the Shamu show. The original Shamu died in 1971, but all the orca take it as a stage name. Easily the most popular show in the park. Very impressive, although right now the trainers aren't riding the animals because of an accident a couple of weeks ago.

Sea otter washing his face. So cute!

Penguin feeding time. Note the sea gulls. Gulls around the park are very agressive -- there were all kinds of warnings about keeping your eye out for them, not leaving children unattended with food, etc. They know when the show times are and circle around them, hoping for a morsel. These are taking a more creative approach -- "maybe if I pretend not to have a neck, the trainer will think I'm a penguin."

Otter performing at the sea lion show. This photo was taken right before one of my favorite moments of the day: the sea gull flew into the bucket where the fish was kept and started chowing down. The trainer had to wait for a good moment in the routine to break character and shoo it away. Enterprising, those gulls.

Lion family, from the next day at the Wild Animal Park. Mom, Dad, and two six-month-old cubs.

Larger versions of all of these and many more pics in the gallery.
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