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Drabbe request filled!

Title: Asking for More
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Pairings: Beclem/Chappu
Spoilers: Beclem's backstory
Notes: Pairing requested by heyheyrenay. It probably really needs more than a drabble to truly do it justice, but not today. ;) Should I be worried that I think I need an icon for Beclem?

At first, he was just Luzzu's buddy. Soon he became someone to kick the blitzball around with and later, after many companionable nights around the campfire, a true friend.

Beclem found himself wanting more.

Chappu had a hometown girl and never even looked at Beclem sideways. Still, one night at dinner Beclem let his hand linger just a tad too long on his friend's shoulder and dared to ask the question, words barely audible.

"Come to my tent tonight?"

Chappu's surprised look melted, and he nodded, Beclem's stomach flopping over with relief and desire at the warmth of his smile.
Tags: drabble, ffx-2, fic, meme
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