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Book report: Fluke

On the strength of several recommendations, I recently read Fluke by Christopher Moore. It gets a solid thumbs-up.

I've read three books by Moore now: Lamb, which I thoroughly enjoyed, Bloodsucking Fiends, which I couldn't finish, and now Fluke. Overall I would say this is the strongest of the three -- I laughed at it the most, and it never went off the rails like I thought Lamb did in a few places. Lamb may still be my favorite, though, just on the strength of the ending.

Excellent characters, as with every book I truly love. The mystery of Amy kept me guessing until the very end, although I started to suspect her of being the sabateur as soon as we caught her with the destroyed videotape in her lap. Nate, Clay, and Rasta Boy were all intriguing and well-rounded as well. I also enjoyed the stories about whale researchers (which I understand from the afterword were all at least inspired by things that happened to real marine biologists, which makes sense -- truth stranger than fiction, etc.).

It was somewhat amusing to visit SeaWorld while I was working on this book. During the orca show, I kept thinking "Hey Kevin, fish! Fish, Kevin?" and cracking myself up. :)

So, which Moore to read next? The Stupidest Angel and Dirty Job both look mighty amusing. I'm a little concerned about picking his stuff up at random, though -- Bloodsucking Fiends appealed from the description, but I disliked it enough that it almost put me off him entirely. Any recommendations appreciated!
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