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addictive things

I have suddenly found myself in the possession of large quanities of manga. First off, thanks to the incredible heyheyrenay, I now own the first two volumes of One Piece, which I pretty much devoured today. Pirates! Made of rubber! This so should not be my thing, and yet I'm enjoying it immensely. Luffy is fun, and a great character, and definitely appealing. I laugh every time he grins and the word DOOM appears in big black letters over his head. Nami is great, too, and I'm looking forward to learning her real backstory. But the character I love, the one who sucks me in and will keep me going even if everything else falters, is Zolo. A swashbuckler with a mission and a sword in his mouth? Count. Me. In. He is, as they say, made of awesome. Cute, too. It's a little daunting, knowing that there are over 400 issues out there, and the series is apparently nowhere near finished, but oh well. I knew there was a reason I had a job.

The other new acquisitions were lent to me by SE: a horror book called Uzumaki (which is fortunately complete in three volumes) and the first five volumes of Fruits Basket. Yes, the high school romance comic. But SE recommended it so strongly that I have to give it a try. Am very curious to get into that, but I haven't had time to crack it yet. Probably tomorrow. Speaking of addictions, there's also Death Note 9, which I believe comes out next week. Must have. Yes yes.

But you know, none of this holds a candle to another addiction I've developed recently. To a certain game that a certain poster (who shall remain anonymous, except it's totally luvmoose) pointed me toward: FizzBall. If any of you remember Arkanoid or Breakout, it's a lot like that. If you don't know those games, think Pong crossed with Katamari Damacy, and you're pretty close. It is complete and total crack. I can't sit down at my computer without turning it on. I'm almost finished with my first play-through, after which I will continue to quest for perfect scores and more efficiency and so forth. T is utterly addicted as well. Not just to playing, but to watching me play -- as soon as he hears the music, I soon become aware of a presense at my shoulder. It's sort of cute, actually. And only fair, considering how much of my life I've frittered away watching him play videogames!
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