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The first week of a new quarter is upon me and it's been crazy. Class presentations -- scheduling them and giving them -- getting back into the rhythms of life with students, dealing with glitches large and small. You would think that, after a three-week break, that we would have all our ducks in more orderly rows than this, but no. So it's busy. Not unhealthily hectic like it was at the beginning of the last quarter, but enough to keep me on my toes.

And then there's the rest of life. Instead of exchanging stuff for Christmas this year, I pooled some money with my parents and sent my brother, his wife, and their son some plane tickets. They arrive today and will be in town for a week. I can't believe I finally get to meet my nephew tonight! Very exciting. I'll spend tonight with them, and then Saturday we're having a big delayed family Christmas. You think that would be enough excitement for one month, but no: Sunday morning I head out of town for a week on a boat, and there's still plenty I have to do to get ready. It's Barenaked Ladies cruise time, and I can't wait. I fly to Miami on Sunday morning, the cruise departs Monday and comes back on Friday (so two full days on the boat and one day on Grand Turk), then luvmoose and I will be spending a couple of days in Florida -- she discovered that Jon Stewart is performing in Miami that Friday night, so we got tickets. BNL and Jon Stewart? I may melt into a puddle of fangirly goo before it's all over.

So if you feel like you aren't seeing me around as much as usual, you're not wrong. Especially next week, when I will be offline entirely for seven days. Hi, 'Net withdrawal, nice to meet you. Anyway, things should settle down once I return. I hope. At least it's been the good sort of busyness. Fun and exciting stuff happening. Yay.
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