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Photos galore

So I actually took all of these. You can tell because they suck. ;) Well, okay, they're all right. But they aren't nearly as good as T's usually are. But I still like them

The coast of Grand Turk, as seen from the ship in the morning. Look at that blue, blue water. Nice. It was warm, too, and very clear.

Goat on Grand Turk. Right before I took this picture, she was standing on a beach chair and nibbling at threads coming from the canvas. I'm sorry I didn't get that shot. This was on the beach where we went snorkeling.

Steven Page and Ed Robertson. From the Wednesday night acoustic show. Unfortunately I didn't really get good pictures of the band; I'll have to wait for someone else for those.

Sunset over the Caribbean. This was going on in the background during that acoustic show. Ah, the tropical life.

I had to take this one, for R. It's a fruit stand near the Everglades in Homestead, FL.

Bird (I think it's a grackle) hanging out on the airboat while we were heading out for our Everglades tour. All the birds there were very calm, friendly. One even perched on our guide's head.

Baby alligators! From the Everglades Alligator Farm. Note the yellow stripes. They were probably about six to eight inches long, the size of a large gecko.

Another young gator from the farm. This one is probably a year or so old.

Kitty at the orchid farm.

Coral Castle. Also in Homestead, FL. The whole thing was carved out of solid rock by one man in the 1930s and '40s. It's easier to see than to explain. Really cool place to wander around.

These photos and more uploaded to Flickr. This is my first time playing with Flickr so I hope it works.... Any issues with seeing them, let me know.
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