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More Paine fic: "Scars"

Title: Scars
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: R
Wordcount: 300
Pairings: Paine/Nooj
Spoilers: For their backstories; set post-game.
Notes: So this is perhaps cheating, since I wrote this both as a 30_fantasies story (Theme #6, Healing) and to fulfill the current ff_100 challenge (FFX/X-2, Old Wounds). As far as I can tell it's not against the rules in either place. Hopefully all the various mods involved will forgive me.

Only the light from the fireplace lit their naked bodies...

As an aside, I can't believe how few people have written stories for ff_100 this time around. "Old wounds" just brims with potential as a theme. I could probably come up with half a dozen stories, easy: Gippal's eye, the Highroad shooting, Nooj, Kimahri's horn, Auron... and that's just if I take literally. If you strech to think more figuratively, you could write about pretty much anyone, and twice on Sundays. Seriously.
Tags: 30 paine, ffx-2, fic, p/n
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