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Home again home again

And this time for awhile, thankfully. I love to travel but between the holidays, the cruise, and this quick trip I feel like I've barely seen my house lately (not to mention my husband). So it's nice to be back, and to know that I'm not taking off again anytime soon.

But it was a great trip. As previously mentioned, hanging out with cupcakemonster was a blast and I was happy to see a bit of Vancouver, even if it did rain the whole time. And the concert was one of I've been to, in terms of the band's energy and their interaction with one another and the audience. The Parade of Bald Techs is not something I'll forget soon. And the last encore was one of my favorite songs by them ever ever ever, and I've only heard it a couple of times live, so there was much squeeing. I am very glad I went and that I dragged luvmoose along with me. This may be my last BNL for awhile, but it was worth it.
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