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dizzy world, part two

When making our plans for this trip, T expressed a preference for not spending all three days running around in a theme park all day. So this was our "day off" -- while E and the parents went to the two Kingdoms (Animal and Magic), T and I followed S to Typhoon Lagoon, which is one of Disney's two waterparks. It wasn't quite warm enough for the full waterpark experience, but overall we spent a very pleasant afternoon there.

First, all three of us floated through Castaway Creek, a circular river ride, where you can just grab an inner tube and flow with the gentle current. Pretty much every waterpark has one of these, but this one was probably the best landscaped -- lush greenery everywhere, speakers playing surf music and sea shanties hidden in rocks. The only thing marring the trip was the number of misters and sprinklers shooting cold water over us at intervals. On a hot day, it would have been perfect, but it was only in the mid-70s so being constantly sprayed with water got fairly chilly.

After the first circuit, S and I hit the slides while T staked out beach chairs for reading and people-watching. Neither of us are big on body slides, so we stuck to the raft rides. One was a bit mild, but fun -- T's not a big fan of thrill rides, but we took him on this one later and he enjoyed it. Another was very annoying, as there were butt-jostling ridges on the slide at unpredictable intervals (we didn't got back to that one). The "family ride" (with a multi-person raft) was also okay, if also overly tame. Then we discovered the winning slides -- the "Crush 'n Gusher". Also a raft ride, but it was almost more like riding a flume. You set your raft down on a little conveyor belt, which pushes you down a short hill. Then a jet of water at your back slams you forward, and you ride really fast through tubes that go both up and down. I'm probably not explaining it very well, but it might be the most fun waterslide I've ever been on. There are three different paths, and one is clearly superior to the others, because it has an extra hill where you catch some air; S and I rode that one several times. In the end, my swimsuit died, but it was worth it (the suit was old anyway).

After grabbing a snack, floating down Castaway Creek again, hitting the Gusher one last time, and drying off, we were ready to head for dinner (after going home to shower and change) at Downtown Disney. Reservations were made at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe, which was pricey but (unlike Thursday's dinner) worth the cost. Then we youn'ins went to Pleasure Island, which is Disney's nightclub complex. E took off for the Adventurers Club (about which more later) while S, T, and I went to the comedy club, which focuses on improv. As we filed in to our seats, S, who was on the end, noticed that she was sitting by a phone. Immediately, she became nervous that she might get called on for suggestions, so I offered to answer the phone if it rang, figuring that chances that we'd actually get called on were slim.

Famous last words. The first member of the troupe came on stage, introduced himself, and dialed the stage phone. S picked up the phone and handed it to me, and I was immediately plunged into an interrogation -- my name, T's name, how we met, what we did, were we married, where did we go on our first date, etc. He also picked up on the fact that S was with us, and he seemed quite confused by the fact that we were on vacation with a friend and her parents. Then the rest of the troupe entered, and they proceeded to sing a hoedown about our life. I thought that either I would die of embarrassment, or more likely that T was going to kill me, but in the end he actually thought the whole thing was pretty funny (after the show, he said it was the best improv he'd ever seen).

Best line of the night, referring to T's workplace--
"Now that you are married, I don't want to take the shine off it
But you might want to go work for a company that makes a profit"

After that, we met E in the Adventurers Club, which sort of defies description. Part bar, part cabaret, part live-action role playing game, we watched two shows there. One was pretty funny, the other was sort of dumb and irritating. Unfortunately, we saw the dumb and irritating one first, so it took the shine off the place. We took off after a couple of hours in search of dessert, then returned home to prepare for our great Epcot adventure.
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