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Linkdump! Books, libraries, online community...

These were all gleaned on Thursday but only now am I getting around to posting them.

  • Article on the GWB presidential library. Southern Methodist University is the likely site; the faculty are resisting. Interesting commentary, also on the Hoover Institute and the Nixon Library.

  • 10 Ways to Save Money on Books. The library is heavily featured as a solution. For a librarian I am shamefully bad about not using the public library. I don't even haunt used bookstores anymore -- I buy almost everything new these days. It's a habit I bet my bank account would like me to break.

  • British bookstore chain to set up Harry Potter helpline. Something that might be considered a very mild spoiler is contained in that news story; spoilerphobic as I am, I thought it was okay, but I wanted to warn anyway.

  • Love in the Bookstore: entries from a contest to tell a story of love found or lost in a bookstore. Some are romances but others are about the love of books, reading, even fictional characters. Several charmers here.

  • Debatepedia: wiki that presents issues of debate in the US from multiple points of view. Not meant to be a critical analysis of the arguments, just a way to see what different people say about an issue. Links and summarized arguments are presented side-by-side, which makes it easy and interesting to compare viewpoints.

  • Against Well-designed Reputation Systems: a post from Many-to-Many, a blog about topics relating to social software. Talks about the policing and control systems used by eBay, Slashdot, and other interactive communities to maintain order without heavy moderation. Implications for fandom, maybe? I need to think about it more. (And, um, finish reading. Beware, it's long.)
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