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Common knowledge meme

10 things that I assume you know about me if you read my LJ. Ganked from heyheyrenay because I promised her I would.

1. I'm a librarian. I've sort of thought of myself as a librarian since being a library student worker in undergrad, and I got my LIS master's degree in 1999, but I've only been a real, official librarian since I got my first library job in April 2005. I'm now working in my second library and I love it. I love being around books, I love teaching people how to research, I love doing research myself. I don't always love my job but I do always love my work. And that's how I know I'm in the right career.

2. I'm married. T and I started dating in late 1998, I moved in with him in early 2000, and we got married in September 2004 after a long engagement (a year and a half). So far, so good. You may notice that I don't say much about T on this journal. There's a reason for that: he's much more concerned about online privacy than I am, which is why I don't use his full name. So he's likely to remain a bit mysterious.

3. I have two cats. Tori is the silver tabby; Lexi is the black one. I used to post lots of pictures of them. I want to get back in the habit, but in the meantime you can check out T's Picasa feed, available at lexitoricats.

4. I live in San Francisco. Although a Midwesterner by birth, my family moved to the Bay Area when I was 13 and it has been home to me ever since. Finally got to SF proper in 2000 and there's a part of me that never wants to leave.

5. I'm a liberal and a feminist. And happy to call myself both; the tarnishment of the words "liberal" and "feminist" is a sad, sad thing. I identify as a Democrat because the other options are worse, but really I'm pretty far left of the Democratic party these days. I identify as a feminist because I believe in the equality and advancement of women. I believe in voting and giving money to the causes and candiates you care about and in staying informed, and in theory I believe in activism although I haven't followed through on that as much as I ought.

6. I write. I've always been a writer in one way or another, although for many years I was a writer who only wrote in my head. Just about two years ago I started setting the words down on paper and screen again, in the form of fanfic for the video game FF X and its sequel, FF X-2. My primary muse is Paine, and that's the character I'm most associated with, although I really started with Auron. Writing and getting involved with fandom turned my life upside-down in ways I never would have expected. Suddenly I had a creative outlet again, in a way I hadn't for years, and I've embraced it with great enthusiasm. It's changed everything, but very much for the better.

7. Music is key to my life. I sing, and I listen. If I could, I would have music playing in the background during every waking moment. I have my headphones on and hooked up to iTunes right now. I sing in a chorus and have done so almost continuously since 7th grade; I sing along to the radio; I attend concerts, particularly Barenaked Ladies concerts but others as well, and not just rock concerts either.

8. I read. Books, all kinds, mostly fiction. Sometimes I'll pick up non-fiction if I'm really curious about the topic. I have a book on me at almost all times. I sometimes wonder if that's why I enjoy the Internet: so very much for me to read.

9. My friends are a high priority in my life. Online friends and IRL friends both. It can take me awhile to warm up to people, mostly because I'm shy (yes, really), but once someone crosses that boundary I will make every effort to maintain a friendship. Being with good friends is probably my favorite way to spend time.

10. This is a fandom journal, and a fic journal, and a personal journal. I tried having a separate fic journal back when I first started writing and found that I didn't like it. So it all ends up here. It depends on how much I'm writing at any given time, but I'd say that, on average, it runs about 2/3rds RL, 1/3rd writing and fandom. So be prepared to find entries on anything and everything!

That was an interesting, and somewhat difficult exercises. I'm not going to tag anyone, but if anyone else wants to attempt it, I'd love to see it.
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