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I hate losing a battle of wits with the copy machine. Shouldn't I be able to outsmart an inanimate object, even one that has evil programmed into its very soul? Apparently not.

The Architectural History instructor is giving a slide exam in the other room. Students sitting in the dark, staring at pictures of buildings, and biting their pens. Ah, memories.

I worked a long shift yesterday because I had to open the library at 8 AM and then attend a meeting that didn't end until almost 7:30. Fortunately, I knew it was coming and so was able to take an extra long lunch. I ended up running errands (parking, bus pass, music store -- more Neuroticfish whee) and walking around, and in the process walked right past the Six Apart office. I might not have noticed, except the LiveJournal logo caught my eye as I walked past. So if we ever need to storm the barricades, now we know where to go.*

So glad it's almost the weekend. Low-key party tonight, hopefully a day of sloth on Saturday, and Sunday I'm going with SE to WonderCon, a comic book convention that's in town for the weekend. Mostly I plan to just wander around and see what catches my eye, but anyone have any recommendations for artists and titles to look for?

*(P.S. for any LJ staff that might happen to be reading: This is a joke.)
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