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My geeky day

It's the stormtroopers of the 501st Legion, a SF-based fan group invited to march at the last Rose Parade. They were everywhere, in and out of costume. Nothing quite like the sight of an Imperial Stormtrooper, in armor but with the helmet off, eating a slice of cheap pizza to drive home the fact that you are surrounded by geeks. And surrounded I was...

...at Wonder-Con, the local annual comic book convention, which SE and I attended today. I've been to Alternative Press Expo a few times, but I've never been to one of the mainstream cons before, and it was a very different experience -- tons of people in costume, lots and lots of vendors, a handful of publishers, and only a few artists. Probably the most interesting connection I made was with a bookseller, who had a volume I wanted for the library and had been unable to find easily online. Mostly, though, I wandered, browing the selection of bookstores, toy sellers, music and DVD stores... I'm lucky I walked away spending as little money as I did! A couple of science fiction books, an issue of Geek Monthly (a new magazine I'm quite curious to get a close look at), The Dream Hunters by Gaiman and Amano, and some soundtracks: Advent Children, FFVII Piano, and the score to the Death Note live action film, which I picked up totally on a whim. Listening as I type this, and it's a quite nice instrumental set, moody, very Death Note. I kind of want to see the movie now.

Afterwards, we decided a little refreshment was in order:

Samovar is a local tea place with tasty sweets and savories and an excellent tea selection. So we sat outside and ate our cookies and drank our tea and read our comics and it was perfectly lovely. Later, a pack of friends joined us for dinner, then followed me home for creampuffs and Okami. Altogether a more than pleasant way to celebrate my impending birthday, and I feel fortified for the stressful week of work and rehersal that is likely to follow.
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