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Another year, another dollar; fic exchange excitement!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts (most especially ovo_lexa for the artwork!!). You guys are the best.

My official celebration was yesterday's dinner, since I have chorus tonight and it's the start of a concert week. But my boss did take me to lunch today. She asked me how I felt about birthdays, and I told her that I like them, now. When I was younger, late-teens early-twenties, it felt weird, each year that passed taking me another step down the scary scary path to adulthood. Now that I'm an adult any way you slice it (past thirty, "real" job, married, homeowner, etc.), the additional year doesn't mean nearly as much. It's just an excuse to celebrate, and we can always use more of those.

In other news, I got my ff_exchange assignment and I'm really pleased by it. Some fascinating ideas to play with, and I have some options, which is great. Lots of directions I can go. I look forward to having some time to really sit down and play with them. I hope this project goes well; it has such potential to bring the fandom together, give new people a way to get to know each other.

(And if you're here trying to get to know me... ;) By gen, I mean that I'm hoping for the focus of the story to be on friendship or on plot. It doesn't mean there can't be even a hint of romance or subtext. In fact, if you can work believable subtext into true gen, I may fall down and worship you. Otherwise, I think my requests are pretty straightforward, but of course I'm happy to answer questions via the mods. Whoever you are, whatever you pick, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!)
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