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kitties and other cuteness

It's been approximately a million zillion years since I put up cat photos. They're still cute and all, but it's true that they aren't kittens any more, and T has been experimenting with other kinds of photography. That doesn't mean there aren't still awesome kitty pics to share, though.

Tori shows her feelings about tax forms.

Around the corner

Mirror image

Lexi in the dark

Full size in the gallery.

Plus, some bonus fuzzy cuteness:

We saw this scene at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market on Saturday. (Larger version.) Very cute baby goat, very friendly and enthusiastic dog. The goat was a little nervous at first, but everyone made friends quickly enough. It was fun to watch.

In other news, finals are approaching, which leads to all the usual craziness. Stressed students, meetings all over the place, printers breaking down. Not to mention my boss being out on vacation. (Like one of the students said to me today, "She gets Paris, and you get finals." I don't begrudge her the trip, at all, it was a timing thing she couldn't control. Still, the kid has a point.) Just another week in the library!
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