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Night shift

One of the downsides of my boss being out a lot this quarter and then taking a two-week vacation is that I have to open the library every day. Which means being in by 7:45 AM. Every day. As I am not a morning person, this is starting to take its toll. So this week, I'm switching shifts with the assistant and closing the library rather than opening. Ah, blessed sleep. The downside is that I have to work until 9:00, but there are worse things. I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but for a week? Not a problem. Plus, I bet I can get a lot of work done in the evenings, when there are fewer people around. Although I may also be bored and looking for distractions. So consider yourself warned. ;)

One thing I'm hoping to do is use the mornings to write. I've been doing a lot less writing lately, due to lack of time, various distractions, and a touch of writer's block, but I shook my brain a bit loose the other day and got more written (on my ff_exchange assignment, fortunately, since if I hadn't gotten an idea for that I'd be in big trouble!) than I had in ages. So I intend to take advantage of the free mornings and get back in the writing habit. Who knows, maybe it will stick.
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