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Quick bits from the conference trip

Spamalot was yesterday, and it was AWESOME. Completely hilarious. amybang and I just sat there laughing the whole time.

Otherwise we pretty much just ate our way through New York yesterday. Lunch, chocolates, ice cream, drinks.... We also looked at the Hearst Building, which is the greenest skyscraper in the city. A really lovely space, a Norman Foster tower in the shell of an Art Deco building, with a step fountain and some of the best natural light ever in the lobby.

Then it was off to Baltimore this morning. I ran into a couple of my fellow conference attendees while waiting for the train. They were talking about traveling, and they had the look of librarians, and then one of them said something about being waitlisted for a hotel, which also happened to me. So I just had to ask. We ended up sitting together on train and then again at the keynote speech this afternoon (cultural critic Michael Eric Dyson, who was an amazing speaker -- I'll probably have more to say about him later). Then I grabbed some dinner, came back to my hotel room, made them fix the appalling squeal in the HVAC (a repair that was fortunately both swift and successful), and settled in for the night.

So far so good. The conference proper begins tomorrow. Should be interesting!
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