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Strange bedfellows

There are two other events going on in the Baltimore Convention Center: a cheerleader competition, and some sort of Mary Kay meeting. A rather incongruous bunch of folks to combine with librarians. It's pretty easy to tell by looking who belongs with which organization...

Tomorrow is the last day. It's been a good trip. Met lots of useful people, mostly other librarians who work for my company, saw some interesting presentations, sat on a couple of helpful round tables. As always it'll be nice to get home, although I'm dreading work a little bit. (Not for reasons I'm comfortable talking about at the moment. Maybe later.) But husband and cats and my bed will be good. And chorus starting Monday, and being on my own computer. (This laptop is on its last legs. I think a MacBook is in my future. My very near future.)

I hope everyone is having an excellent weekend.
Tags: librarian, travel, work annoyances
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