KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

har har har

Commercial for a windowshade company overheard on the drive home from dinner:

"If it weren't for blinds, it'd be curtains for all of us!"


Also, who leaves a baseball game in the bottom of the ninth inning when the score is tied? I swear, they were pouring out of the stadium as I was hurrying home to catch the end. And then I dragged my laptop downstairs (and how exciting is it that I can say that now?!) so I could check email and such while keeping an eye on the game. (5-5, heading into the top of the 11th as I type this.) It's one thing to skip out early on a blowout, but a tie?

First post from the unteathered laptop! LJ in the living room. Very cool.
Tags: baseball, internet, mundane, random
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