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Wii are impressed

T's office got a Wii last week, and so he and I snuck down there this afternoon to check it out. So far Wii Sports is the only game loaded, so we played baseball, bowling, golf, and tennis. I'm not quite ready to say that it's the greatest thing invented since the beginning of time, but it was pretty fun. I think I liked the tennis the best, because it was the most interactive; it was the only game that I felt like T and I were really playing together, instead of serially or in parallel. He kicked my ass, of course, in both tennis and bowling (golf and baseball we were about equally bad), but I don't feel too bad about that, because he bowled in college and took tennis lessons through almost all his childhood. I almost had the hang of tennis by the end, although I never did manage to win a game. And I got a real workout out of it.

So we've been planning on getting one sooner or later; this just whets our appetite. The only downside was that my shoulder was starting to complain at me by the end. But maybe that's good in a way; might force me to limit playing time to reasonable amounts!

The other fun geekiness this weekend was my trip to Alternative Press Expo (APE) with SE and SS on Saturday. My checkbook did not quite catch fire, but I think my credit card may still be smoking a little. And my to-read pile grew. A lot. So far I've read the first volume of Scott Pilgrim, which I found suitably wacky and definitely entertaining -- I'll be picking up the rest. The other comic you should all check out right away is Tea Club. Tea, martial arts, college angst, and a talking bear. What could be better?
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