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Gameblogging: X-2 replay

So probably the most interesting bit in here, for me, was running around Mushroom Rock Road and talking to the Youth League folks. You don't meet Nooj yet but folks talk about him a lot, generally in terms of glowing admiration. I had forgotten that Elma leads his fan club -- I mean, "personal guard". She talks about that, and gushes over him a bit. Hmm, perhaps someone has a little crush on the meyvn? ;) I also found the NPC who mentiones that Lucil bascially runs the show, and that Nooj doesn't deal much with the people aspect of things; she calls him a "lone wolf", and says that he isn't much for running a large organization. And then of course there's Maechen's long speech in which he mentions that Nooj used to hunt spheres for Trema, and only split off from his "Seekers" when they started hording spheres and became New Yevon. That took me by surprise. I really need to get to that Trema battle someday.

Operation Mi'ihen comes up a lot, too. I've often wondered if bitterness over that isn't part of the reason the Youth League came together in opposition to the remains of Yevon.

On a different subject, it rather defies belief that Gippal would take so long to notice and recognize Paine. Rikku makes more sense; he could have been deliberately ignoring her. But when he does register Paine, he's clearly so shocked and surprised that he can't hold back a reaction. The whole thing feels a little strange.

I think I may still need to toughen up a little bit -- I almost died several times in Macalania. This was at least in part because I was distracted by trying to plan dinner at the same time, but also I think I need a couple more levels before I take on Zanarkand. Shouldn't be a problem, considering that I haven't hit the desert yet. Digging is next.
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