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X-2 replay continues

This probably would have come yesterday, but then I was eaten by a wolf and a flan on Mt. Gagazet, and I'd forgotten to save basically all my progress. Grrrrr.

Anyway. Digging. (Which I didn't do much of this time; maybe I'll be in the mood later.) Hello, Baralai! Never been quite sure what to make of Paine's reaction to him -- both her clear desire to be anywhere but in Bevelle before he shows up, and then of course when she turns her back on him. At least Baralai plays it cooler than Gippal. I have no patience for any of the games in the Calm Lands, at least not that I remember. Hee, "find my son a wife!" Is there any stranger mini-game in any Final Fantasy ever? I hate the publicity game, I never get anywhere with it. Maybe I should consult a walkthrough on this one.... Does what you say to the Ronso on Gagazet make any difference? I tried to select the item that would lead to peacemaking every time, but I don't know whether that helps when you go up against Garik in Chapter 3. I lost that battle horribly the first time through; every subsequent replay, I've had Catnip. It'll be interesting to see if I can find a strategy for it this time. Hah, if you go back to Besaid and talk to Jassu, he totally hits on Yuna! Tells her she looks "pretty fly in that outfit." Hmm, anyone ever seen any Jassu/Yuna fic out there? Hello, Isaaru! Every single time I play this game, I wonder: how old is Pacce supposed to be, and why didn't he age at all in the two years between the games? Does Isaaru put some growth-stunting agent in his food? The interaction with Cid is weird. Yuna says one thing to him, Rikku drives the point home, and then he just runs off? It's rather strange. Hello, Nooj.

I'm noticing just how driven Paine is. Both here and in Zanarkand. There's a sphere nearby and she wants it. No other priorities. You can see it in her asides on the ship, too. Like after the desert. "Yuna, remember, we're sphere hunters?" Adventure and gil are all well and good, but at the end of the day it's the spheres she's after. And you get a genuine grin out of her when she snatches the awesome sphere from the ground.

I approve.

In other fandom news, I got my hot little hands on a copy of the cutscenes from Last Mission. I've watched it once, but I need to watch again and digest a little more before I post about it. I've got to admit, new (to me) X-2 content? Even when I've read scripts and seen lots of stills? I'm still pretty gleeful about it.
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