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Brotherhood 2.0

So heyheyrenay turned me on to this. It's a joint videoblog by two brothers who have resolved not to communicate via any textual means for the next year -- no email, no text messaging. So they're exchanging videos on a daily basis (and apparently also talking on the phone on weekends) and posting them to YouTube.

I suppose it's not for everyone, but I'm finding them hilarious. The brothers, Hank and John Green, are silly and random in a way that works for me. They're also geeky in a way that I can sympathize with. And it's oddly addictive -- one brother will do or say something, or issue a challenge, and the urge to see how the other will respond is irresistable. It helps that I'm a sucker for a good running gag, and they have several going.

I've never followed a videoblog before, but this seems to be the perfect use for one. I hope they can keep it up.
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