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By popular request

So I asked heyheyrenay what ff_press wanted for its birthday today, and she didn't even have to think about her answer: "Drabble memes!" So, okay. I give. ;) No promise on turn-around time, though -- next week is a concert week, so the response may come slowly.

Anyway. So. You know the rules: give me a pairing, a character, or a group of characters and some sort of prompt (quote, lyric, object, theme...), and I'll write a drabble (or possibly a double drabble, or a ficlet, depending).

Fandoms: FFX/X-2

What, you were expecting something else? ;) Someday I'll finish those KH and FFXII replays and they'll work their way onto the list. Not this week, though.

Go forth and drabble-fy.
Tags: fandom, meme, writing

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