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"Celebrity freeway"

That's what T called this, possibly the most-photographed piece of concrete to be used in highway construction ever. It's part of the new connector between I-80 and I-580, probably better known to most of you as the bit of freeway that melted when a gas tanker crashed on a piece of roadway that ran beneath it.

By all reports, the accident hasn't resulted in the traffic nightmare that everyone was predicting, at least not in terms of spill-over onto other routes. And it has yet to affect my life directly, although there've been a couple of East Bay events that I might have driven to, had the freeway been in place, but I took BART instead, both times. So the highway disaster made me a better citizen, at least.

Currently in the midst of a concert week. Rehearsals yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and the performance is Friday. The pieces are in pretty good shape, especially when I compare us to the state we were in at this time last quarter. Of course, we're singing two nice, straightforward pieces this time ("Five Mystical Songs" by Vaughan-Williams and the John Rutter Requiem. The Rutter may even be a little too straightforward for my tastes, although the "Agnus Dei" is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous movements I've come across in any choral work ever), which makes a huge difference.

But I will be glad when it's done. Concert weeks are always draining.
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