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Interests meme

Via plantgirl.

It goes like this: Leave a comment and I will pick three of your interests and three of your icons. Post them in your journal and explain them to me. If you'd like, allow others to comment and request the same.

Forthwith, plantgirl's choices:

Interest: architecture
When I first started college, I had the idea that I might like to be an architect. I majored in urban studies on the pre-architecture track and found that I really enjoyed looking at and thinking about buildings. Then, my junior year, I took a studio course and decided that architecture wasn't my career path after all. My passion for the subject remains, however, and my long-term career goal is now to be a librarian in an academic architecture library. (Since my current school offers an interior design program, I'm getting a taste of that now, and I love it.)

Interest: baseball
My dad is a sports nut. In particular, he's a big fan of basketball, football, and baseball (in that order), and one of the things we always did together when I was a kid was sit and watch games together on TV. Basketball never really took for me, and though I still enjoy watching a good football game, I don't go out of my way to do so. But I fell in love with baseball. I love how the game has a real rhythm, and yet it's also totally unpredictable. Luck and skill play an equal part in this came, and watching how these things break on any given day can be fascinating. Also, the San Francisco Giants boast one of the best announcing teams in any sport, and listening them banter is one of my great pleasures.

Interest: cities
Despite growing up in small-town Ohio and Iowa, I have always been a city person. When I was a kid, I felt much more at home in the cities we visited than in the hamlets where we lived. In particularl, I'm drawn to San Francisco and New York. I like the buildings, the bustle of people, the idea that you're surrounded by so many options and opportunities, being able to walk and take transit to so many places. Living in San Francisco someday was a childhood dream of mine, and sometimes it still gives me shivers to think that it's come true.

Icon: bmc - cloisters
BMC: Bryn Mawr College, my alma mater. This is an old photograph of The Cloisters, the indoor courtyard of Thomas Library, which is no longer a library; while I was there, it housed several of the humanities and social science departments, including my own. I use this icon for posts about BMC, about architecture, and about academics generally.

Icon: towel dog
This little fella showed up on one of the first nights of our honeymoon cruise. Every night, usually during dinner, the staff would give us "turn-down" service: fresh towels, the sheets slightly untucked from the bed, mints on the pillows, lights down low. And the folded towel animals were one of the features. The clever use of my sunglasses cracked me up then, and it still does. This icon gets used for post about cool things, silliness, and pop music.

Icon: beethoven
I picked this icon up when I expanded my icon storage space and suddenly had more slots than I thought I'd ever need. (Now I only have three left.) Beethoven is one my favorite composers, and I liked the design of this icon a lot, so I snagged it. I use it for posts about music generally and classical music in particular. Perhaps ironcially, my chorus hasn't performed a piece by Beethoven since I got it. (Next year, though; I'm informed we're doing the Ninth!)

Icon: stone henge
This comes from a photograph posted on SFGate's Day in Pictures a couple of years back. I liked the colors and the composition, and I cropped it down to icon size myself. It's my "Yay!" icon.

(Wondering why I'm hanging out and dong memes on a weekday morning? The assistant needs this evening off, so I'm on the late shift. It's not so bad; I have a meeting until 7:30 pm anyway.)


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