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A couple of articles on fic stuff

1. Cory Doctorow column entitled "In Prase of Fanfic"; cesperanza writes a post in praise of Cory Doctorow's column. Doctorow hits all the right points I think: fic writers are your best fans, it's a great way to become a better writer, this is all part of a much longer tradition, etc. Maybe nothing new, but I found it to be unusually concise and well-put.

2. Henry Jenkins, fan culture academic extraordinare, weighs in on FanLib. Not so much regarding whether the archive is a good idea, but about the fandom reaction and why the company blundered so badly when they tried to deal with it. Good summation, thoughtful and well-written. At the end of the artice, he invites the CEO of FanLib to be interviewed, and Williams accepts. Interesting, and a bit troubling, that the CEO, who has been so reluctant to get engaged in dialogue with (female, "countercutlure") fans, is so happy to talk to a (male, establishment figure) academic. Some good discussion and questions in the comments.
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