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FanLib: the saga continues

CEO Chris Williams "answers" questions about FanLib. This is a follow-up to the Henry Jenkins article I posted the other day. The answers are full of non-apology apologies and canned marketing speak -- Williams seems, in large part, to be regurgitating his press kit. It can be summed up thusly: "We've changed the TOS and the FAQ, so go read them and quit complaining." Also, the last question is muffed by interviewee and interviewer both; Jenkins tried to ask why Williams is willing to engage him and not the fans, but he did so in such an apologetic manner that he gave Williams an out from having to provide a real answer, and so of course no real answer is forthcoming. Disappointing; I expect better from Jenkins.

On the lighter side: fanfic about the guys in the (weird, tacky, ill-advised) FanLib advertisements (slightly NSFW).
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