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Weekend tidbits

- I had an errand to run on Saturday morning, and it took me near the new Panera that's opened up not far from my house. I'd been meaning to try it, since various people on my flist have talked about it, and I once went with amybang and had a salad that I remember fondly. So I picked up a cinnamon bagel and the house latte, and can I just say: yum. The latte especially -- it's flavored with vanilla and spices and sweetened with honey, and it is so tasty. The bread looked really good, too, and the pastries. Good thing/too bad it isn't really on my way to work; I'd probably be there every day.

- On the way back from the errand, I took the train, and had an "only in San Francisco" moment: there was a poster advocating the adoption of older children. The family? Two middle aged men, one white and one black, and a mixed-race teenage girl, probably 14 or 15 years old. Awesome.

- Otherwise, yesterday was fairly lazy, but yesterday we ended up with a pretty busy day. T and I went down to Sunnyvale to meet SE and SF for that city's annual street artisan festival. Mostly I was there to find a sunhat for Hawaii (which I succeeded in doing) and to visit one of my favorite jewelery makers. After that, T and I trekked over to REI, where we got some stuff for the trip, including hiking boots for both of us. (Yes, I willingly purchased closed-toe shoes. Try to contain your shock!) A fruitful and fun day overall.
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