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An idea whose time has come?

If you've been following the recents fandom upheavals over FanLib and the Six Apart debacle, you may know that there is an effort, led by astolat, to create a fanfiction archive run by and for fandom. That discussion is over at otw_news; it's a huge project, but I think it's a worthwhile one.

But I bet that fewer of you know that some folks in the Final Fantasy fandom have already been talking about creating a fan-run archive, specifically for our fandom, for going on a year now. So far, it's been a quiet conversation among a smallish group of people, but now it's time to throw the idea open to the wider FF community. Do we need an archive just for us? What should it look like?

The call for support is here. If you write fic in any FF universe, I humbly request that you stop by and leave your two cents and send your friends to do the same. Like otw_news it is an enormous project that will require intense committments from some people, and we should gauge general interest before we take it any farther.
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